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2 Year Warranty on all New Turbos 12 Month Warranty on all Remanufactured original exchange units Turbos

Vauxhall Turbos & Turbochargers

We can supply new and reconditioned Vauxhall Turbochargers as well as repair your Vauxhall turbo.

When you need a replacement turbo for your Vauxhall, Procold can use our experience to help you find the right new Vauxhall turbo or reconditioned Vauxhall turbos for you, saving you pounds on your new Vauxhall turbocharger.

In order to order your new turbocharger, you will need to match the Part Numbers on your old turbo or obtain the Part Number from your Vauxhall dealer.

Vauxhall Part Number Catalogue
Vauxhall Engine
Engine Code Year Turbo
Turbo Part
OEM Part
Astra RHF4H VIBRE 8971397243
Astra - 68HP 1.7L D X17DT 1998-99 GT1544H 454187-0001E 90530995
Astra - 68HP Low blow 1.7L D X17DTL 1992-98 GT1544H 454092-0001E 90499271
Astra - 82HP 2.0L D Y20DTL 1998-02 GT1544H 454098-0001/2/3E 90531518
Astra Coupe 2.0L P Z20LET 2000- K04 53049880024E 90423508
Astra DTi 1.7L D Y17DT/L 1999- TD025M 49173-06500/06501E 8971852412/3
Astra DTi - 100HP 2.0L D Y20DTH 1998-04 GT1549S 454216-0001/2/3E 90570506
Astra TD - 80HP 1.7L D TC4EE1 1992-98 RHB4BW VI72E 8970372300
Brava 3.1L D 4JG2T 1996-02 RHF5B VIAHE
Brava 2.5L D 2001- RHF5B VICLE
Brava 2.5L D 4JA1T 1996-01 RHF5B VIAWE 8970958800
Calibra 2.0L P C20LET 1992-96 K16 53169887001E 90423023
Combi DTi 1.7L D Y17DTL/DTH 2002- TD025M 49173-06500/06501E 8971852412/3
Corsa CDTi 1.3L D Y17DT 2003- KP35 54359880005/6E 73501344
Corsa DTi 1.7L D Y17DT 2000-03 TD025M 49173-06500/06501E 8971852412/3
Corsa TD 1.5L D T4EC1 1993-00 RHB32B VIALE 8970786400
Frontera 2.3L D 23DTR 1992-96 K14 53149886404E 90285625
Frontera 2.8L D 4JB1TC 1996-96 RHF5B VIAN/VICCE 8970863436
Frontera 2.5L D VM41B 1996-98 RHB51P VA59AE VM Engine
Frontera 2.2L D Y22DTH 1998-03 GT1549S 454219-0001/3E 90573534
Frontera DTi 2.2L D X22DTH 2001-03 GT1849V 705097-0001E 9202612
Monterey 3.1L D 4JX1 1995-98 RHF5B VIAN/VICCE 8970863433
Monterey 3.1L D 4JG2TC 1994-95 RHB52 VI95E 8970385180
Movano 1.9L D F9QT 2000-01 GT1549S 717345-0002E 7711134299
Movano 1.9L D F9QW 2001- GT1549S 717348-0001/2E 8200046681
Movano 2.2L D G9T 2000- GT1549O 702404-0002E 8200069567/9112326
Movano - 115HP 2.8L D S9W702 2000- GT1752H 454061-0010E 99466793
Movano - 115HP 2.8L D 8140.43.2200 1997- K14 53149886444E 500314776
Movano DTi 2.5L D G9U720 2001- K03 53039880055E 8200063999
Nova TD 1.5L D T4EC1 1990-93 RHB32B VI61E 8943100780
Omega 2.0L D X20DTH 1997-99 GT1549S 454219-0002/4E 90573532
Omega 2.5L D X25TD 1994-97 TD04-11G-4 49177-06420E 2244963 BMW
Omega 2.5L D U25TD 1996-00 TD04-11G-4 49177-06490E 2246672 BMW
Signum TDi - 176HP 3.0L D Y30DT 2003- GT2559V 717410-0007E 8972506762
Sintra 2.2L D X22DTH 1998-99 GT1549S 454229-0001/2E 90573533
Vectra 1.7L D 1995-97 RHF4 VIBDE 8971146390
Vectra 2.0L D 1998- RHF5 VIBFE 8971195671
Vectra 2.0L P Z20LET 2003- K04 53049880024E 90423508
Vectra 2.2L D Y22DTR 2002-04 GT1849V 703894-0003E 24442215
Vectra 2.2L D Y22DTR 2002- GT1544S 708866-0002E 24461826
Vectra - 68HP 1.7L D X17DTL 1995-97 GT1544H 454092-0001E 90499271
Vectra - 82HP 2.0L D X20DTL 1996-00 GT15S 454098-0001/2/3E 90531518
Vectra CDTi - 174HP 3.0L D Y30DT 2003- GT2559V 717410-0007E 8972506762
Vectra DTi 2.2L D Y22DTR 2002-02 GT1849V 717626-0001E 24445062
Vectra DTi - 100HP 2.0L D X20DTH 1997- GT1549S 454216-0001/2/3E 90570506
Vivaro 1.9L D F9Q718 2000-01 GT1549S 703245-0002E 7700108052
Vivaro 1.9L D F9Q760 2001- GT1549S 717345-0002E 7711134299
Zafira - 82HP 2.0L D X20DTL 1999-00 GT15S 454098-0001/2/3E 90531518
Zafira 2.0T 2.0L P Z20LET 2001- K04 53049880024E 90423508
Zafira DTi 2.0L D Y20DTH 2000- GT1549S 454216-0001/2/3E 24442214


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