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2 Year Warranty on all New Turbos 12 Month Warranty on all Remanufactured original exchange units Turbos

Turbocharger Repairs

Turbo Repair & Repaired Turbochargers Procold offer a cost effective Turbo Repair Service for any turbocharger in need of an overhaul. We can also carry out diagnostics and wastegate repairs and we'll use years of experience to repair your turbos for you, saving you pounds on the cost of a brand new turbocharger.

Not only can we save you money by repairing your existing turbocharger, but we can send for next day collection (sometimes even same day!) and then we promise to return your repaired turbocharger within 48 hours of receiving your damaged turbocharger unit. Next day shipping is just 10.00 + VAT.

Procold is the ultimate resource to help you repair your turbo, saving you money without sacrificing performance!

If you would like more information about our turbocharger repair service, get in touch today using the form to the right of this page to discuss your requirements.

Get in touch with us now:

Tel: + 44 (0) 1451 828 052

Email: info@turboexpress.co.uk

All turbos are stripped, cleaned, inspected & replaced with new parts if neccessary

12 months warranty from 275.00 + vat »

We have brand new, boxed, original turbos for all types of vehicles

24 months warranty from 380.00 + vat »

We can save you money by repairing your existing turbocharger - 48hr turnaround

Next Day shipping just 10.00 + vat »