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2 Year Warranty on all New Turbos 12 Month Warranty on all Remanufactured original exchange units Turbos

Isuzu Turbos & Turbochargers

We can supply new and reconditioned Isuzu Turbochargers as well as repair your Isuzu turbo.

When you need a replacement turbo for your Isuzu, Procold can use our experience to help you find the right new Isuzu turbo or reconditioned Isuzu turbos for you, saving you pounds on your new Isuzu turbocharger.

In order to order your new turbocharger, you will need to match the Part Numbers on your old turbo or obtain the Part Number from your Isuzu dealer.

Isuzu Part Number Catalogue
Isuzu Engine
Engine Code Year Turbo
Turbo Part
OEM Part
Rodeo Pickup 3.0L D 2004- VIEKE 8973544234
Rodeo Pickup 2.5L D 2004- VIDXE
Trooper 3.1L D 1997-99 RHF5M VICCE 8970863431/8971480762
Trooper 3.1L D 1994-97 RHF5B VIAN/VICCE 8970385181
Trooper 3.0L D 1999- RHF5 VIDSE 8973125140
Trooper 2.8L D Import RHB52W VI86E 8970192920
Trooper 2.8L D 4JB1T 1988-91 RHB52 VI58E 8944739540
Trooper 2.2L D C223T 1985-87 TB0209 466272-0002E 8944073590
Trooper - 113HP 3.1L D 4JB1TC 1991-94 RHB52 VI95E 8970385180
Trooper - 157HP 3.0L D 4JX1 1999- RHF5 VICFE 8971371098/99/8972503640/2
Trooper/NPR 2.8L D RHF4 VICQE

If you would like more information about our Isuzu new, reconditioned turbochargers and remanufactured turbos available, get in touch today using the form to the right of this page to discuss your requirements.

All turbos are stripped, cleaned, inspected & replaced with new parts if neccessary

12 months warranty from 275.00 + vat »

We have brand new, boxed, original turbos for all types of vehicles

24 months warranty from 380.00 + vat »

We can save you money by repairing your existing turbocharger - 48hr turnaround

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