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2 Year Warranty on all New Turbos 12 Month Warranty on all Remanufactured original exchange units Turbos

Ford Turbos & Turbochargers

We can supply new and reconditioned Ford Turbochargers as well as repair your Ford turbo.

When you need a replacement turbo for your Ford, Procold can use our experience to help you find the right new Ford turbo or reconditioned Ford turbos for you, saving you pounds on your new Ford turbocharger.

In order to order your new turbocharger, you will need to match the Part Numbers on your old turbo or obtain the Part Number from your Ford dealer.

Ford Part Number Catalogue
Ford Engine
Engine Code Year Turbo
Turbo Part
OEM Part
Escort Cos Rally 2.0L P N5F COSWORTH 1992-94 TB2807 452062-0002/3E YB1233/A
Escort Cosworth 2.0L P N5E/F COSWORTH 1992-96 TB3403 452059-0001E YB1195/2
Escort RS MK3 1.6L P LNA 1984-86 TB0345 466644-0001E V85SF6K690AA
Escort RS MK4 1.6L P LNB 1986-91 TB0355 466944-0001E V86SF6K690AA
Escort TD 1.8L D RTH/RFK/RFS 1993-96 TB0259 452014-0004/6E 91FF6K682AC
Escort TDi 1.8L D RVA 1996-00 GT1544S 452084-0004/7/9/11E 96FF6K682AA /
Fiesta RS 1.6L P LHA 1990-92 TB0250 465187-0001/2E V90FB6K682BA
Fiesta TDCi 1.4L D DV4TD/8HX 2003- KP35 54359880007/9E 2S6Q6K682AB
Fiesta TDCi 1.4L D DV4TD/8HX 2002-03 KP35 54359880007/9E 2S6Q6K682AA
Fiesta TDdi 1.8L D RTN/RTP 2000-02 GT1544Z 703863-0002E YS6Q6K682BC
Focus RS - 215HP 2.0L P DURATORQ 2002- GT2560LS 722979-0003E 1M506K692AE
Focus TDCi - 115HP 1.8L D F9DA 2001- GT1749V 713517-0009/11E 1S4Q6K682AH
Focus TDdi - 90HP 1.8L D C9DA/C9DB/C9DC 1999-01 GT1544Z 706499-0001/2E XS4Q6K682DB
Focus TDi - 75HP 1.8L D BHDA/BHDB 1998-99 GT1544S 452244-0004/5E XS4Q6K682BB
Fusion TDCi 1.4L D DV4TD/8HX 2002- K35 54359880007/9E 2S6Q6K682AB
Galaxy - 110HP 1.9L D AFN 1997- GT1749V 701855-0001/2E 028145702E VW
Galaxy - 110HP 1.9L D AFN 1996-97 GT1749V 454183-0001/2E 028145702E VW
Galaxy - 90HP 1.9L D 1Z/AHU/ANU 1995-97 GT1544S 454083-0001/2E VW Engine
Galaxy TDi - 115HP 1.9L D 2001- GT1749V 713673-0004E YM219G438BA
Galaxy TDi - 115HP 1.9L D AUY 2000- GT1749V 454232-0006E YM219G438BA
Galaxy TDi - 130HP 1.9L D ASZ 2002- GT1749V 720855-0001/3/4/5E 038253016F
Galaxy TDi - 130HP 1.9L D ASZ 2003-04 KP39 54399880005/47E 038253019H/14R
Galaxy TDi - 130HP 1.9L D ASZ 2002- GT1749V 712078-0001E 038253019F
Granada/Scorpio 2.5L D SCB 1993-94 RHB51P VA58AE 35242050G (V.M. Engine)
Maverick - 100HP 2.7L D TD27T 1993-96 TB2557 452047-0001/2E Nissan Engine
Maverick - 125HP 2.7L D TD27TI 1997-99 TB25 452162-0001E Nissan Engine
Mondeo 1.8L D RFN 1993-96 TB0273 452063-0001/3E 93FF6K682AC
Mondeo 1.8L D RFN 1996-00 GT1544S 452124-0004/6/7E 97FF6K682AB /
Mondeo Di 2.0L D D6BA 01-03 GT1749V 704226-0007E 1S7Q6KK682BH
Mondeo TDCi - 115HP 2.0L D D6BA/HJBA/HJBB 2002-03 GT2049S 708618-0004/5/6E 1S7Q6KK682AD/E
Mondeo TDCi - 130HP 2.0L D FMBA 2001- GT1749V 714467-0003/4/5E 2S7Q6K682AC
Mondeo TDdi - 90HP 2.0L D D5BA 2001-03 GT2049S 708618-0004/5/6E 1S7Q6KK682AD/E
Ranger 2.8L D 2002- GT2256V 724652-0001E 79517
Ranger Double Cab 2.5L D WLT 1999- RHF5 VJ26E XN349G348AB
Scorpio 2.5L D SCD 1995-98 RHB51P VA58BE 35242065F (V.M. Engine)
Sierra 4X4 Cos. 2.0L P N5D COSWORTH 1990-93 TB0384 465189-0003E V89HF6K682AB
Sierra 4X4 Cos. 2.0L P N5D COSWORTH 1989-90 TB0384 465189-0001E V89HF6K682AA
Sierra Cosworth 2.0L P N5B COSWORTH 1986-89 TB0361 466962-0001E YB0207
Sierra/P100 Pickup 1.8L D RFA/RFB/RFL 1989-93 TB0237 465137-0001/2E 89FF6K6682BA/E
Transit TF035 49135-06030E YC1Q6K682DA
Transit DI 2.5L D 4ED 99-01 K04 53049880017E 984F6K682AF/AG
Transit DI 2.5L D 4EA/4EB/4HC 1992-01 K04 53049880001E td> 914F6K682AB/AC
Transit DI 2.5L D 4GA/4GB/4GC 1994-95 K04 53049880006E 954F6K682AB/AD
Transit Di - 125HP 2.0L D FIFA 2002- GT1749V 714467-0003/4/5E 2S7Q-6K682AE
Transit Di - 85/100HP 2.0L D ABFA 2000- GT2049S 714716-0003E 1C1Q6K682DB
Transit Di - 85/100HP 2.0L D F3FA/ABFA 01- GT2049S 726194-0001/2/3E 2C1Q-6K682BA
Transit DI TCI 2.5L D AGA/4GB/4GC/4HC 1996-01 K04 53049880008E 974F6K682AC /
Transit TD - 75HP 2.0L D D3FA 2000-04 GT2049S 709035-0004/5E 1C1Q6K682EA
Transit TDi - 125HP 2.4L D D4FA 2000-02 TF035 49135-06020E YC1Q6K682CC
Transit TDi - 90HP 2.4L D D2FA/E 2000- TF035 49135-06010E YC1Q6K682AD

If you would like more information about our Ford new, reconditioned turbochargers and remanufactured turbos available, get in touch today using the form to the right of this page to discuss your requirements.

All turbos are stripped, cleaned, inspected & replaced with new parts if neccessary

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