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Fitting Guide


Correct turbocharger fitment involves more than following the turbocharger fitting guidelines that are specific and supplied with each turbocharger. When a turbocharger has failed the fault diagnosis does not stop there. Far more important is the reason for failure. Most turbochargers fail for a reason; the most popular cause of failure are oil related problems.

Other causes such as over boosting, over speeding and foreign object impact damage are all common turbocharger failure causes. Any fault that will prejudice the operation of the turbocharger must be found and rectified before fitment of another turbocharged is carried out.

A turbocharger is not an independent device unlike other ancillary components on a vehicle, such as a power steering pump for example. It is an intrinsic part of the vehicle's power system. It shares with the engine it's oil supply, water supply, air intake supply, exhaust gas flow, engine management control, various pneumatic devices, ignition and fuel injection devices. Any and all of these have a crucial effect on the operation of the turbocharger. The culmination of these variables can result in a relatively complicated task in accurate turbocharger fault diagnosis. It is for this reason that sufficient time and understanding must be applied to turbocharger fault investigations.
  1. Before fitting the fitter should be absolutely 100% sure that there is no underlying fault that has caused the turbocharger to fail. If a turbocharger fails it may be the turbocharger - if the replacement fails there is likely to be another problem elsewhere.
  2. Remove absolutely all traces of contaminated oil, even the smallest particles of debris from the failed unit may immediately destroy the new turbocharger - this is a very common failure reason. If the oil has began to solidify the entire engine may need to be completely degreased and steam cleaned.
  3. Replace oil supply lines and fittings. These lines often become plugged with decomposed oil which restricts oil flow and drainage.
  4. Prime oil feed lines and turbocharger bearing chamber - a turbocharger running for 1 second without oil is the equivalent of running an engine without oil for 1 minute.
  5. Make sure all openings to turbo are open and not plug or capped off - make sure that the air intake hose is fitted correctly, anything sucked into the impeller with destroy the blades. ENSURE THAT NO LOSE DEBRIS IS PRESENT INSIDE THE AIR HOSES!
  6. Shut off fuel or disable ignition and crank the engine for at least 15 seconds or until oil pressure is raised.
  7. Allow engine to fast idle (1,000 RPM) for 3 - 5 minutes to seat turbo seals.
  8. Always let engine idle for 3 - 5 minutes before shut down, otherwise the turbo will continue to spin without oil lubrication and pressure.
  9. When changing oil, be sure to prime the newly replaced oil filter.
  10. 1Do not used silicone or thread tape.
  11. If fitted with an intercooler, ensure that the unit is not contaminated with oil - this may enter the air intake causing damage to the impeller blades and internal bearings.
  12. Check engine breather system if present - if blocked the engine may use the turbocharger as a vent and force oil past the internal seals.

In the event of a warranty claim, the buyer must notify us of the problems immediately. We can then arrange to collect the unit from an address provided by the customer. The customer should package the turbocharger sufficiently as to avoid further damage during transport back to the supplier. For more information regarding our warranties, please click here.

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